The Haunting Story of the Old Changi Hospital


Image Credits: Pixabay

Changi Hospital was a former military hospital that is now defunct and abandoned, located in Changi, Singapore. Once considered to be one of the best hospitals in the far east. Now, this hospital is famous for paranormal activities took placing there, in fact, this hospital is considered to be the most place in Singapore.

A Brief History of Old Changi Hospital

Old Changi Hospital was built in 1935 by the British. At that time this hospital was known as RAF Hospital and was operated by the British soldiers in Singapore and for the British royal air force

During the second world war in 1940 Imperial Japan occupied Singapore and the Changi Hospital was turned into a prison camp for the British soldiers and the soldiers from the allied forces. At that time this hospital was operated by a Japanese military police arm named "Kempeitai". Kempeitai was very notorious at that time for their brutality. They tortured and killed the Prisoners of war captured by the Japanese and they also killed the people who stood against the cruel policies of imperial japan calling them anti-Japanese. Due to the brutality of Kempeitai, they were known as the Gestapo of Imperial Japan.

The same thing happened to the prisoners of war in the Changi Hospital when it came under the control of the Kempeitai. To gather information from the prisoners of war they brutally tortured them to death. Aside from Pow's thousands of wounded Japanese soldiers were bought to that hospital for treatment but due to the lack of medical facilities at that time most of the soldiers didn't survive and at that time a disease became spreading in that area named Changi and many of the nurse and other hospital staff died due to this disease  By the end of the second world war Imperial Japan had lost its control on Singapore and that Hospital came under the control of the British again and in 1965 when Singapore gained its independence from Britain this hospital was renovated and at that time this hospital was known as the ANZUK military hospital and served as a military hospital for British commonwealth countries like Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Old Changi Hospital was finally Closed in 1997. 

Horrible and paranormal events took place there.

After the end of the second world war, this hospital was reopened for the public by the British. However, this hospital wasn't the same. People who came to this hospital reported ghostly sightings in the hospital and many people also reported hearing scary screaming sounds. It is said that the spirits of people who died here haunt the hospital and the paranormal events took placing here was one of the major reasons that caused the hospital to left abandon.

The most popular myth regarding this place is the ghost of a pregnant nurse. Many people who visited the Old Changi hospital claimed to have encountered her spirit. It is said that back in the 1940s a nurse was treating a wounded soldier but due to her negligence that soldier died. and the relatives of that soldier beaten that nurse to death and it is said that her spirit roams in the hospital premises.

This image was taken in Old Changi Hospital and this image became viral on the internet because in this picture a ghostly figure can be seen on the window behind.

 This image made Old Changi hospital famous and following this many paranormal experts came here to investigate this area and they came to the conclusion that the Old Changi hospital is a place where the ghostly presence can easily be felt.